1. Back In The Days

  2. Speed Dial
    Da Beat Fanagla

  3. Vinyltakes
    The Dutch Noisemaster

  4. My name iz Fred
    Fred Fresh

  5. Block Party

  6. Lidingo Stereo Resample

  7. Katastrophic
    Da Beat Fanagla

  8. Intellectually Speaking In a B-Boy's Way (remixes)
    AMC (of Wildstyle)

  9. Strong Island Freddy Fresh Flexed Remix
    J.V.C. Force vs. Freddy Fresh

  10. Omnific Realm electronica breaks electro
    Freddy Fresh

  11. Da Projects
    Dead Crew vs. Freddy Fresh

  12. blue
    Da Beat Fanagla

  13. Games Of Life Re
    Just Four vs Freddy Fresh

  14. Too Rare Too Weird
    Dren Throwdown featuring G-Rich

  15. Get Tough 40th Anniversary casette lo-fi mix
    CDIII vs. Freddy Fresh

  16. Sucker DJ's Jeep Remix 1984
    Dimples D vs. Freddy Fresh

  17. Gucci Time freddy fresh Remix
    Schooly D vs. Freddy Fresh

  18. The Bridge Freddy Fresh Remix
    MC Shan vs. Freddy Fresh

  19. Listen to the Man (Freddy Fresh flexx)
    Kev - E - Kev & AK-B vs. Freddy Fresh

  20. Girls Part II (Freddy Fresh Remix)
    B-Boys (Donald D and Brother B) vs. Freddy Fresh

  21. Incredible Ray Remix
    Ray Rock and K.C. vs. Freddy Fresh

  22. Cradle to Dust
    Smallz & Dren Throwdown

  23. Flight
    The Black Steel Brothers (Kiz-One and Mixoflix)

  24. Groovy Legs

  25. Hipster mushrooms in Space

  26. down (but not out) Acid Breaks, D&B
    Freddy Fresh

  27. Drop, Don't Run (Freddy Fresh Remix)
    Da Beat Fanagla

  28. On It
    Invisible Man

  29. burn like fire
    freddy fresh (fanagla re-tweak)

  30. Moon Phonk (videos)
    The Intergalactic Space Phonk

  31. Godsent Rhythm
    Invisible Man (aka Freddy Fresh)

  32. Slept On Beats
    Freddy Fresh

  33. Friday the 13th EP
    Dutch Noise Master

  34. Bajito Bajito (drum and bass, Trip Hop)
    Alberto Caro Amado y Federico Fresh

  35. King of New York

  36. Magic Beats

  37. The Lost Tapes
    Dren & Atomic Dog

  38. lunar beats
    Mikey Dredd

  39. Illest Compilation

  40. Breakthrough EP (electro)

  41. Jelly Beats (Twerk 'n Jive)
    White Money

  42. Kubra Hacha (Funky Hip Hop Inst./Downtempo)
    The Dutch Noise Master

  43. Stained Glass (conscious hip hop)(beats)
    Conductor Crucified Featuring Cousin

  44. Procton (Drum and Bass)

  45. 1 -Hand Start (Drum & Bass)
    Da Beat Fanagla

  46. chaos in paradise (beat me) Hip Hop, Breaks, Drum and Bass
    Da Beat Fanagler

  47. Drum Modules & Bass
    Da Beat Fanagler

  48. jazzy-disco
    MPC Genius

  49. CaNdY Land Breaks Tech Electro Funk
    Invisible Man (Freddy Fresh)

  50. otherworld being Drum and Bass Electronic Breakbeat Electro

  51. The Smiths Trip Hop Breakbeat Scratching
    Freddy Fresh

  52. oyster breaks electronic electro experimental

  53. Freddie Fresh & Hidden Rhythm - 110 Below UK Compilation Breaks Hip Hop
    Freddie Fresh & Hidden Rhythm

  54. dafodils (electro, experimental)

  55. The Time Refinery ‎– Perfect Sense Stark Ravin' Records Conscious Hip Hop
    Conductor Crucified feat. Rory Hoy

  56. entitled. electro breaks
    Freddy Fresh

  57. Randomofile #36 Electro Breaks Drum and Bass

  58. Sockett 04 Knockers actetate electro breaks
    Freddie Fresh

  59. Sockett 03 US (vinyl) 4E ‎– The Gentle Killer E.P.

  60. Sockett 02 (US) Supergroupies HQ

  61. Sockett 01 (US) Cross Bronx Expressway
    Invisible Man aka Freddy Fresh

  62. Sockett 03 (UK) The Bureau
    DJ Slip and DJ Apollo

  63. Sockett 02 (UK) Supergroupies HQ
    Supergroupies, Freddy Fresh

  64. Sockett 01 (UK) Fresh is The Word (Freddie Fresh)
    Freddie Fresh


Sockett Records Minnesota

Label set up by Freddy Fresh in 1995 focusing on Breakbeat , Lounge, Trip Hop, Drum and Bass and Old school rap cut ups etc.. banging Beats from producers all over the globe, come join the fun send demos to freddy@freddyfresh.com

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